Championing Your Chicken’s Health: A Comprehensive Guide to Eradicating Ammonia from Your Chicken Coop

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You step into your chicken coop, a place you’ve lovingly put together for your little egg-layers. Instead of the cozy home you envision, a pungent odor assaults your senses, and

7 Essentials for Your Chicken First Aid Kit: Keep Your Chickens Healthy and Happy

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The Sky is Falling! Imagine the panic that would grip you if you came home to find your beloved chicken lying injured or ill. The helplessness you’d feel, the fear

Chicken Vent Gleet

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What is Chicken Vent Gleet? Chicken Vent Gleet is a potentially chronic chicken vent inflammation usually accompanied by an abnormal discharge. It is also called cloacitis because it occurs in

Chickens and Gardens

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Hey folks! If you will, picture a lush garden brimming with ripe tomatoes, crisp cucumbers, and a riot of colorful flowers, all buzzing with life. Now, add a flock of

Keeping Chickens Safe From Poisons

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Understanding the Dangers: Poison Threats to Your Chickens Chickens, curious and industrious as they are, have a knack for pecking around in places they shouldn’t. Keeping chickens safe from poisons

Chicken Pecking Order Behavior – Social Norms and Practices

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Unveiling the World of Chickens’ Social Behavior Hey Folks! Today, we will jump into chickens’ social dynamics with a look at the ” chicken pecking order behavior” — a term

Chicken Prolapse Vent – What is it

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Special thanks to the Animal Sciences Department at the University of Kentucky Chicken prolapsed oviduct is a natural condition that occurs when a chicken lays an egg. The oviduct naturally

Understanding Biofilms in Chicken Waterers: The Basics

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Hello again, friendly chicken keepers. If you have ever forgotten to clean the water container for your chickens, you probably noticed that slimy layer forming inside your chicken’s waterer and

Heavy Duty Egg Basket Review

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Review of the Heavy Duty Egg Basket from My Pet Chicken: A Basket That Holds More Than Just Eggs Hey there, folks! Today, we will review the Heavy Duty Egg

Frostbite on Chickens – How to Keep Your Flock Safe

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When the frost is on the pumpkin and the days get shorter in the late autumn, that’s when you need to start thinking about how your chickens are going to