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Winter can be tough on chickens, especially when it comes to keeping their toes warm. The K&H Heated Chicken Perch aims to solve this problem, ensuring your flock stays comfortable even in the coldest months. Priced at $49.95 and designed by K&H Pet Products—a brand with over 20 years of experience—this perch offers both quality and reliability. Let’s explore its features in detail.

Key Features

Heated Perch for Chicken Comfort

Frozen toes are a real concern for chickens in winter, as they lose a lot of body heat through their feet. This heated perch has dual internal thermostats that regulate the temperature, keeping your chickens warm day or night. The perch also utilizes the bird’s own circulation system to warm their entire body.

Automatic and Energy-Efficient

Energy efficiency is a big plus for any heated product. The built-in thermostat in the cord monitors air temperature and turns the perch on only when it falls below about 40°F. This ensures that you’re not wasting energy when it’s not needed.

Ergonomic Design

The perch is designed with chickens in mind, featuring a shape that’s more comfortable for them to roost on. Measuring 36″ in length, it’s the perfect size for multiple chickens to use simultaneously. 

This unit is designed for floor use, but some purchasers attach the heater to an existing roost, which makes sense since heat rises.

Ease of Use

Customers at Amazon have given this perch high marks for being easy to assemble (4.7), clean (4.2), and install (4.1). These ratings indicate that not only is the perch effective, but it’s also user-friendly.

Sturdiness and Durability

With a sturdiness rating of 4.0, this perch is built to last. It’s made by Central Garden & Pet and originates from China. The product dimensions are 36 x 14 x 8 inches, weighing 3.94 pounds, adding to its robust build.

Additional Information

The perch specifically targets chickens and comes with hand wash-only care instructions. It’s always good to know these details to ensure you’re getting a product that fits your specific needs.

Cold weather is not a friend to animals, people, cars, etc. All we can do is our best to provide everything we can to make life as comfortable as possible.

Customer Ratings

The perch has an overall customer rating of 3.9 out of 5 stars at Amazon based on 299 reviews. It ranks #52,670 in Pet Supplies and #113 in Bird Perches, making it a fairly popular choice among chicken keepers.


The K&H Heated Chicken Perch is a well-designed, energy-efficient, and user-friendly product that addresses a real need for poultry keepers. Its ergonomic design and automatic heating make it a standout option for keeping your flock warm and comfortable. At its price point of $49.95, it offers good value for the money.


Becky Rae said…

“Maine weather worrier here. Tomorrow night we are supposed to have record lows and I was worrying about my elderly 9yo chicken ladies. We have always let them be all natural, but a predicted -20 below with a windchill of -40+ below, well I felt I needed to help them.
After reading the reviews, I see people either loved these or hated them. I just installed them a couple hours ago in preparation for tomorrow night’s he** freezing over. I used the recommendation of another person about zip tying them on the existing perch. I also laid it on its side so they have more width to grab on to. Both of these things addresses 2 out of the 3 issues people had.
The ladies jumped up on the bar the second I attached it to the perch (it was already past bedtime for them so no coercion was needed). I went back out in an hour and the bar was nice and warm. They were snuggled up on it and when I asked them if they liked it, well, I got the equivalent of a chicken purring. Happy chicken tender here so far.
Now to wait and see how the next 48 hours goes as the arctic blast arrives tomorrow. It’s only currently 25 degrees (the directions say it will shut off above 35). So far so good.
Update: We got the temperatures predicted. Went out and checked on them a few times and all were well. One last adjustment I would recommend, if you attach it on the side, put a shim under the thin end so it will sit level. One had a harder time balancing and had to move her back onto the bar. Wish it had a more grippy surface like it rubberized surface so it wouldn’t be as slippery. Overall, it provided the warmth we were looking for.”

Cathey P said…

“Great product and my hens love it. Easy plug and play. Only complaint is that I can’t control it myself. It auto turns on and it has to be below freezing for it to come in. I wish it had a thermostat and timer feature.”

There You Have It

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2 thoughts on “Review: K&H Heated Chicken Perch”

  1. Hi Dave,

    As you know, I live in the boonies. I am leary of this type heat. Chickens have been around well before such inventions. We all want the best for our babies, but if we don’t let them acclimate to the climate, introduce heat for them in the wintertime, and then the electric goes out, I feel we are setting them up for failure.

    Do you heat your coop? If so, what do you do when the electric goes out? Also, most people do not have generators, or if the roads are bad cannot go out to get more gas to keep them going.

    • Hi, Donna!

      If your coop is snug, well ventilated, but not drafty, then your chickens should be fine as long as you have enough birds to generate a little body heat. Keeping chickens warm in the winter keeps wattles, combs, and feet from getting frostbite. The foot warmer is really just an extra layer of protection for the feet as well as the chickens’ bodies since they will put their chests to it.

      I do keep a heat lamp in the coop for the very cold times in the winter. If the electric goes out, it’s every bird for themselves, including me:D I do have a generator and enough gas for a couple of fill-ups.

      I love your comments, Donna, and hope to hear from you again soon. Take care.


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