The Best Egg Collection Aprons For The Fashionable Chicken Keeper

At the intersection of practicality and style in chicken egg gathering lies the egg collection apron.

No, the egg collection apron you wear will probably not get you invited to the red carpet, but it will free your hands to do other chores while on your way to and from the coop.

Why an apron as opposed to a bucket or other collection vessel? Freedom of movement. With a quality, and sometimes quite stylish, apron, you can:

  • Collect eggs without looking for a clean spot to set your bucket.
  • Use two hands to pick your eggs without worrying about kicking the bucket.
  • Not worry about running right back to the house to drop off your eggs.
  • Place other objects like tools, mail, or vegetables in free pockets.
  • Be the coolest egg collector on the block.

And talk about style! Egg-gathering aprons come in many styles and patterns. Thigh-length versions allow for more freedom of movement than knee-length versions, and full-body styles are available for those who want full coverage in the coop.

Aprons come in various colors, stripes, solids, and chicken patterns, to name a few. You’ll have a tough time deciding which one is right for you. If you can’t decide, get two.

In this post, I’ll show you a few different aprons. Then you can pick the one you want. There really are too many to choose from.

What to Look for in a High-Quality Egg Collection Apron

Durable materials that can withstand the farm environment are the ticket for the person looking for an apron that will withstand the rigor of doing chores day after day. Denim is the apron of choice at Tractor Supply Company.

Blue Denim Egg Gathering Apron -

The Backyard Barnyard 12-pocket egg apron lets you work hands-free in your coop and go about your business as usual. Each pocket is double-stitched and can hold extra-large eggs. It is adjustable for any size and comes with a complimentary burlap gift bag.

Comfort and fit are important when considering full-body models. It would be best to consider whether you have ever had problems with full-body aprons. Adjustable straps and weight distribution are a given with this type of garment.

When deciding on an apron, consider the size of your flock. It doesn’t make sense to get a 12-pocket apron if you have 15 hens consistently laying. No worries; some aprons have 20 or more pockets.

You should also consider the size of the pockets. Cheap aprons with small pockets will find you buying a replacement sooner rather than later.

Other items to consider before you buy are:

  • Ease of cleaning: Is the material suitable for regular washing? Is it colorfast?
  • Safety features: These prevent egg breakage and personal injury. Are the apron or straps so long or loose that you might trip over them or catch them in moving parts?
  • Fashion aspects: Colors, patterns, and customization options.

After searching worldwide, I only found a couple of places I trust to deliver a great product in a timely manner. Tractor Supply Company and Amazon.

For so many choices, I can’t begin to compare them all here; I have given you two images to click on. The first takes you to Amazon, while the second flies you off to Tractor Supply Company.  Have a look for yourself if you like. Happy Shopping, and thanks for stopping. And say hello to your flock for me!



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