The Brinsea Ovation 28 Eco Egg Incubator – A Review

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Price: $449.99

The Brinsea Ovation 28 Eco Egg Incubator is a product designed for the breeder who values reliability, ease of use, and the health of their hatchlings. With a price tag of $449.99, it positions itself as a mid- to high-end option in the egg incubator market.

This review aims to provide an unbiased overview of its features, performance, and overall value to help potential buyers make an informed decision.

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Key Features

  • Capacity: The incubator has a capacity of 28 hen eggs, which is suitable for small to medium-scale hatching operations. It also offers flexibility with optional carriers for different egg sizes, including quail, pheasant, duck, and goose, making it versatile for various poultry breeds.
  • Digital Control System: The menu-driven digital control system allows for precise temperature settings in Fahrenheit or Celsius, which is critical for successful hatching. The factory-calibrated automatic temperature control minimizes the need for manual adjustments, ensuring a stable incubation environment.
  • Induced Dual Airflow System: This feature promotes a higher level of temperature consistency throughout the incubation chamber, which is essential for optimal hatching conditions.
  • Automatic Egg Turner: The programmable egg turner reduces the need for manual handling, decreasing the risk of contamination and ensuring even development.
  • Construction: Made from robust ABS plastic with Biomaster™ antimicrobial treatment, the incubator promises durability and hygiene, reducing the risk of disease spread among the eggs.
  • Visibility and Water Top-up: Good visibility of the eggs and an easy water top-up system with a level indicator contribute to the convenience of monitoring and maintaining humidity levels without disturbing the incubation process.

Performance and Usability

The Brinsea Ovation 28 Eco Egg Incubator’s digital controls and automatic features simplify the incubation process, making it accessible even for beginners.

The induced dual airflow system is a standout feature, minimizing temperature fluctuations, which can significantly impact hatch rates.

The capacity and adaptability to different egg sizes offer poultry breeders flexibility, catering to a wide range of needs.

Potential Drawbacks

  • Price: At $449.99, the cost may be prohibitive for hobbyists or those just starting with poultry breeding. However, the features and reliability may justify the investment for serious breeders. A more affordable starter incubator is the Magicfly Digital Mini.
  • Complexity: While the digital controls offer precision, there may be a learning curve for unfamiliar users. However, this is mitigated by the comprehensive instructions provided.
  • No Humidity Readout: A hygrometer must be purchased separately to get an actual humidity reading for this model. A fully automatic alternative is the Brinsea Ovation 28 EX.

Warranty and Support

The 3-year limited warranty is a strong point, indicating the manufacturer’s confidence in the product’s durability and performance. Additionally, extended protection plans offer peace of mind regarding potential repairs or replacements.


The Brinsea Ovation 28 Eco Egg Incubator is a well-designed, reliable option for poultry breeders who are serious about their hatching operations.

Its combination of automatic features, capacity for various egg sizes, and sound construction make it a worthy investment for those looking to optimize their hatching success rates.

While the price point may be higher than some alternatives, the quality, warranty, and customer support offered by Brinsea help to ensure that it provides value over time.

You can get yours here.


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