The R-Com Max 20: Nesting in the Lap of Luxury?

In the grand coop of egg incubators, the R-Com Max 20 struts in at the midrange among home incubators. Its features include automation, allowing you to walk away from the unit for extended periods. But does it deliver a first-class ticket to hatching paradise for your prospective poultry pals? Let’s explore what makes the R-Com Max 20 tick.

I do not own this incubator.

I have thoroughly researched this incubator in my search for the perfect one for my own use. In my quest, I will be looking at Brinsea, Hovabator, Farm Innovators, and more. I heard this one described as the Rolls Royce of incubators.

I don’t know anything about Rolls-Royce, but I like how this incubator looks.

…It looks like an incubator. It doesn’t appear as boxy as some, and the controls are forward-located for ease of viewing.



The Max 20 accommodates a gathering of up to 20 chicken eggs. This would be adequate for backyard flock creation but probably not ideal for any commercial application.

Universal Egg Tray

One of the features of this incubator is its universal egg tray, which handles eggs of various sizes in its open slots. Whether you’re incubating tiny quail eggs or larger turkey eggs, this incubator will accommodate them.

Automated Systems

The R-Com Max 20 has fully automated systems, including controlled temperature, humidity, and egg turning. Instructions are included and available online.


Temperature Control

The R-Com Max 20 offers advanced infrared temperature sensing, ensuring optimal warmth control.

Humidity Control

This incubator also has an automatic humidity control that allows you to set the humidity of the unit where you want it while the automatic controls keep the humidity constant.

You must keep an eye on the water level in the tank, though, just like most incubators. Again, instructions guide you through the process.


Easy to Clean

Post-hatching cleanup is not difficult with the R-Com Max 20. Its smooth surfaces and removable parts are easy to access and clean.


Brace yourself because luxury comes with a price tag that matches its offerings. It’s a pricier option at around $470.00, but that is comparable to Brinsea, so it’s not out of line as far as middle-of-the-road incubators go.


  • Automated controls for temperature, humidity, and egg-turning
  • Universal egg tray to accommodate different egg sizes
  • Easy to clean and maintain


  • A premium price tag
  • Limited capacity might not be ideal for those looking to hatch larger batches.


To wrap it up, the R-Com Max 20 is not like the Rolls Royce of egg incubators — it is similar to other brands of similar quality.

Reviews at Amazon give the incubator 4 out of 5 stars. 62% gave it five stars. The other categories came in at about 10% each.

If you are interested in purchasing this unit or want to research it further, you can follow the link below. Thanks for reading. I’ll keep you posted on my quest as I do my research. This incubator is on my list of possibilities.

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