The Tractor Kit For Chicken Coops & Runs Review

Hi folks. I’d like to tell you about some parts that can turn your coop into a chicken tractor. Please be aware that the kit only includes the wheels and wooden handles in the photo above. Okay, let’s go…

The Tractor Kit for Chicken Coops & Runs from My Pet Chicken is designed to enhance the mobility of chicken coops, allowing for easy relocation around your yard.

This kit aims to provide a safe and fresh grazing area for your chickens while distributing their manure evenly across your lawn, contributing to lawn health. Here’s an unbiased review based on the information available:

Product Description

  • Price: Regularly $74.99, currently on sale for $59.99.
  • Material: The kit includes two wooden handles (available in white or wood stain) and two heavy-duty 6″ rubber wheels that will never go flat. The wheel brackets are made of stainless steel.
  • Compatibility: It’s compatible with My Pet Chicken’s best-selling Clubhouse Coop with Run and The Hen Pen modular chicken run, but can also fit similar style coops not sold on their website.
  • Installation: The kit is designed for easy installation, estimated to take about 15 minutes for one person. It requires a wood drill and drill bit, with all holes predrilled to prevent wood splitting. Installation flexibility allows handles to be placed for ease of lifting.


  • Enhanced Mobility: Allows for the easy movement of chicken coops, providing chickens with fresh grazing areas and aiding in lawn maintenance.
  • Durability: Heavy-duty rubber wheels and stainless steel brackets ensure longevity and reliability.
  • Ease of Installation: Pre-drilled holes and included hardware make the installation process straightforward.
  • Versatility: Can be used with multiple coop styles, increasing its utility for a wide range of chicken keepers.


  • Price: While on sale, the price may still be a consideration for some, especially when adding to the cost of a coop and run.
  • Compatibility: While versatile, there may be limitations with coops not specifically designed for this kit, potentially requiring modifications.


At the time of this review, no customer reviews were collected for the product on the My Pet Chicken website. This absence makes it challenging to gauge user satisfaction and real-world performance.


The Tractor Kit for Chicken Coops & Runs appears to be a valuable addition for backyard chicken keepers looking to increase the mobility of their coops.

Its benefits in terms of lawn health and chicken welfare are clear, though the cost and potential compatibility issues may require consideration.

Without user reviews, it’s difficult to assess the product’s effectiveness from a consumer perspective fully. If mobility and flexibility in coop placement are high priorities for you, this kit could be a worthwhile investment, but further research and potentially waiting for user feedback might be advisable.

If you want to purchase wheels and handles to turn your small coop into a tractor, get yours here.

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