Lakenvelder Chickens are Independent and Lively

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Are you ready to add a dash of good looks and a sprinkle of adventure to your backyard flock? Let’s talk about the Lakenvelder chicken, a breed that’s as unique

The French Phenom Le Fleche Chickens

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Discovering ‘La Flèche’: Origins of the French Phenom “Welcome to a peek into the life of La Flèche chickens, where elegance meets utility in one stunning package! These striking birds,

The Magnificent Jersey Giant Chicken

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When it comes to noticeably different chickens, the Jersey Giant stands out as a true behemoth, a feathered giant that commands attention with its impressive stature. But behind this majestic

What Are Plymouth Rock Chickens

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Photo by D. Libertore Picture this: You’re strolling through your backyard, the sun dappling through the trees, the air filled with birds chirping. As you reach your chicken coop, calm

First Saturday Lime Natural Monthly Pest Insect Repellent Review

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  First Saturday Lime 20 lb. Natural Monthly… Keep insects out of unwanted areas thanks to your First Saturday Lime Natural Monthly P… [More] Price: $31.99 Buy Now Keeping your

How Much Space Do You Need to Give Rhode Island Red Chickens and Other Answers About The Breed

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Are you talking to me? Rhode Island Red chickens have a reputation for being tough, sometimes mean, aloof, and self-sufficient, among other things. So, given that description, the answer is

Championing Your Chicken’s Health: A Comprehensive Guide to Eradicating Ammonia from Your Chicken Coop

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You step into your chicken coop, a place you’ve lovingly put together for your little egg-layers. Instead of the cozy home you envision, a pungent odor assaults your senses, and

7 Essentials for Your Chicken First Aid Kit: Keep Your Chickens Healthy and Happy

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The Sky is Falling! Imagine the panic that would grip you if you came home to find your beloved chicken lying injured or ill. The helplessness you’d feel, the fear

Chicken Vent Gleet

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What is Chicken Vent Gleet? Chicken Vent Gleet is a potentially chronic chicken vent inflammation usually accompanied by an abnormal discharge. It is also called cloacitis because it occurs in

Chickens and Gardens

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Hey folks! If you will, picture a lush garden brimming with ripe tomatoes, crisp cucumbers, and a riot of colorful flowers, all buzzing with life. Now, add a flock of