How Does A Chicken Digest Food

  Would you like to stroll through the winding path of what happens after a chicken pecks at its feed? Cool, let’s go! Chicken organs are similar to humans, with two glaring exceptions—the crop and the gizzard. We’ll discuss that soon. Digestion is complex, and understanding it is beneficial for those who raise chickens and … Read more

Why To Raise Chickens. Backyard Buddies

They decimate a garden, soil every inch of their domain, don’t care about fences, crow at the least desirable times, and take no heed of passing traffic, trespassing signs, or tongue lashings. So, what are the reasons for raising chickens when common sense dictates otherwise? Well, baby chicks are adorable and fun to watch, for one thing. … Read more

Best Egg Incubator For Beginners

Let’s talk about incubators for hatching baby chicks. You can find them for sale online or at retail stores. They’re inexpensive, quite expensive, and somewhere in between. The price difference usually reflects the features and the quality of construction that goes into each unit. If you’ve had chickens for a while and don’t want to … Read more

How To Encourage Egg Laying In Chickens

If you want to encourage your chickens to lay more eggs, you must meet three essential factors or conditions. There are more than three, but the essentials are good food, fresh water, and a stress-free environment. Chickens are sensitive creatures, and even minor disturbances in their habitat can influence their egg-laying ability. After a predator … Read more

The Role Of Grit In A Chicken’s Digestive System

Can you imagine eating a hamburger, chasing it with a handful of pebbles, and going about your business without giving it a thought? Me neither! Chickens do! Chickens don’t have ready access to hamburgers, but if they eat hard grains like corn or cracked corn, then they need grit. if you feed your chickens straight … Read more