How To Encourage Egg Laying In Chickens

If you want to encourage your chickens to lay more eggs, you must meet three essential factors or conditions. There are more than three, but the essentials are good food, fresh water, and a stress-free environment. Chickens are sensitive creatures, and even minor disturbances in their habitat can influence their egg-laying ability. After a predator … Read more

The Role Of Grit In A Chicken’s Digestive System

Can you imagine eating a hamburger, chasing it with a handful of pebbles, and going about your business without giving it a thought? Me neither! Chickens do! Chickens don’t have ready access to hamburgers, but if they eat hard grains like corn or cracked corn, then they need grit. if you feed your chickens straight … Read more

Understanding The Anatomy Of A Chicken Cloaca

Anyone interested in poultry care should understand chickens’ internal workings. One interesting aspect of avian biology is the cloaca, an essential part of a chicken’s anatomy. The cloaca, the vent in bird species, has many roles. It serves as the exit point for digestive waste, including “urine,” the entry route for reproductive cells, an antibody … Read more

Chicken Wire Vs. Hardware Cloth – Which Is Better For Coop Security?

When setting up a chicken coop, the security of chickens hinges on the materials chosen for their enclosure. Like many, you may find yourself weighing the merits of chicken wire against hardware cloth. The comparison is worthwhile since the two are commonly used yet differ significantly. Chicken wire is often the go-to material for new … Read more

Cute Chicken Coops

People are more health conscious these days, or maybe it’s just that a huge portion of society, the baby boomers, are at the age where health is more of a priority than ever.. Whatever the reason, a word that has gained popularity is ‘sustainable’ or ‘sustainability.’ Sustainable practices, living, farming, and eating—a part of this … Read more

A Beginner’s Guide To Egg Incubators

If you’re a beginner interested in hatching poultry, you will need to know a few things before starting your first egg incubation experience. An egg incubator simulates the conditions for a fertile egg to develop and hatch into a healthy chick. These conditions include specific temperature, humidity, and ventilation levels that mimic what a brooding … Read more

Chicken Treats – Safe And Healthy Snacks For Your Flock

I care deeply about the well-being of my feathered friends, and I know if you’re here, you feel the same. Chickens aren’t just farm animals; they’re part of the family, and their health is a priority A well-thought-out diet is the cornerstone of their vitality. While commercial feed provides the basics, treats can enhance their … Read more

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