Happy Hen Treats Nesting Herbs: A Comprehensive Review Happy Hen Treats

Happy Hen Treats Nesting Herbs

Happy Hen Treats Nesting Herbs is a blend of essential oils and botanicals designed to address a common issue for chicken owners: coop odor. This product claims to neutralize unpleasant smells, freshen nesting boxes, and create a calmer environment for laying hens. But does it live up to its promises?

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Here’s a detailed look at the pros and cons of Happy Hen Treats Nesting Herbs:


Effective Odor Control:

Customers report that Happy Hen Treats Nesting Herbs effectively eliminates coop odor for several days. The blend of essential oils, including peppermint and thyme, leaves a fresh, pleasant aroma far more inviting than the typical coop smell.

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Calmer Hens:

Many reviewers have observed their hens becoming calmer and more relaxed after using the nesting herbs. This could be due to the soothing effect of the essential oils or the coop’s more pleasant environment.

Fresher Nesting Boxes:

The herbs help to neutralize any lingering odors in the nesting boxes, making them more appealing to hens and encouraging them to lay eggs. This can also help to reduce the risk of egg contamination.

Potential Increase in Egg Production:

While not guaranteed, some users have reported a noticeable increase in egg production after using Happy Hen Treats Nesting Herbs. This could be due to the calmer environment or the potential health benefits of the herbs.

Long-Lasting Effects:

Unlike other odor control products, Happy Hen Treats Nesting Herbs lasts for several days before needing to be refreshed. This saves you time and money.

Easy to Use:

Simply sprinkle the herbs in the nesting boxes and on the coop floor. No measuring or mixing is required.

Natural Ingredients:

The product is free of harmful chemicals and safe for hens and chicks. It’s also an excellent alternative to harsh cleaning products that can irritate their respiratory system. Monitoring your hens’ behavior and adjusting the amount used is important.

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Resealable Pouch:

Happy Hen Treats Nesting Herbs come in a resealable package that keeps your herbs smelling fresh for a long time.


Individual Hen Preferences:

While most hens enjoy the scent of the nesting herbs, some may not. Monitoring your hens’ behavior and adjusting the amount used as needed is important. I have Sex Links, Brahmas, and Bantams. They all seem fine with the herb mix.


Some reviewers found the product to be slightly expensive, particularly for larger flocks. However, the long-lasting effects and the potential benefits for your hens’ health and egg production may justify the cost for many users.


Happy Hen Treats Nesting Herbs is a well-regarded product that effectively addresses coop odor and creates a more pleasant environment for your hens.

While not a guaranteed solution for every flock, the potential benefits, along with its ease of use and natural ingredients, make it a worthwhile investment for many chicken owners.

Some additional points to consider

  • The herbs are safe for chicks as young as one week old.
  • Some users have reported that the product helps to deter rodents and other unwanted visitors from the coop.


To create a more relaxing environment for your hens, Happy Hen Treats Nesting Herbs is worth trying. It’s a natural, easy-to-use product offering a range of potential benefits for you and your flock.


  • 16-ounce bag: approximately $25

Final Verdict:

I enjoy the aroma of this mix of essential oils and botanicals. If pressed to describe the fragrance, I would say that it smells like lavender and fresh hay, but it’s more complex than that.

It is enjoyable. You’ll notice I have a small dish on my table next to the eggs in the large photo above.

Happy Hen Treats Nesting Herbs is a highly-rated product with a strong track record of success. While the price may deter some users, the overall benefits of odor control, hen well-being, and potential egg production make it worthwhile for many chicken owners.

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Thanks for reading. I genuinely appreciate it. Please leave a comment below if you have any experience with this product or any other coop freshening items.



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