Organic Olive Oil Layer Feed -

Discover the Magic of Organic Olive Oil Layer Feed, 40 lbs

Have you been searching for the perfect feed for your flock? Look no further. The Organic Olive Oil Layer Feed from My Pet Chicken is exactly what you need. At just $78.99 for a 40-pound bag, you’re investing in an organic, soy-free diet that’s brimming with nutrients for your chickens.

Experience the Antioxidant Boost

Imagine giving your chickens the renowned health benefits of olive oil. This feed is rich in antioxidants, ensuring your flock gets the best. Without any seed oils or oilseed ingredients, you can be confident you’re offering a pure and nutritious meal every time.

Tailored for Your Mature Chickens

This feed is designed especially for your chickens aged 16 weeks and older. With a 17% protein content sourced from premium North American grains, you’ll soon notice a boost in egg production and healthier bone and feather development.

Only the Best Ingredients

You care about what goes into your chickens’ diet, and so do we. This feed is a harmonious blend of essential vitamins, minerals, and protein. Key ingredients like Organic Field Peas, Organic Barley, Organic Wheat, and Organic Oats ensure top-notch quality. And the inclusion of Organic Olive Oil? It’s a game-changer. Don’t be surprised if you spot a bug or two in the summer – think of it as a protein-packed treat your chickens will love!

Effortless Feeding 

Once your chicks hit that 16-week mark, this feed is all they’ll crave. For optimal egg production, pair it with some free-choice oyster shells. It’s a combination that’s proven to work wonders.

Why Wait? Make the Switch Today! 

If you’re passionate about offering the best to your flock, the Organic Olive Oil Layer Feed is your answer. While returns aren’t accepted due to health and safety reasons, trust us, once your flock tries it, there’s no looking back!

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