I’ve got the scoop on the Ovation 28 Advance Digital Incubator you may be curious about. Let’s crack into it (egg pun intended)!

This is what it looks like…

Brinsea Ovation 28 Advance - Chickenmethod.com

Price and Availability

The incubator sells for $399.99 at My Pet Chicken but can be had for much less at Amazon. It seems to be in stock most of the time. I mention this because Brinsea products seem to have a lot of respect in the industry and thus move quickly.


This new model from Brinsea holds up to 28 hen eggs, replacing the older Octagon series. It has many automated features but is not fully automatic, so you’ll still have some hands-on joy (or hassle, depending on how you look at it). Here’s a breakdown of what it offers:


  • Programmable automatic egg turner: No need to remember turning those eggs yourself; this incubator has covered you.
  • Digital temperature controls: You can set it in either Celsius or Fahrenheit, depending on which side of the pond you’re on.
  • Periodic cooling: This feature is designed to mimic natural incubation better, giving your chicks a head start in life.


  • Humidity control: While it has a digital display to show you the humidity level, you’ll need to manage it manually. 


Register your incubator with the manufacturer to be eligible for a 3-year warranty. 

Additional Info

  • Accessories: You can add a large egg tray to your purchase.
  • Shipping: It ships via UPS, and a signature will be required upon delivery (no sneaky porch pirates getting their hands on this treasure).
  • Returns: Be aware that returns have a 20% restocking fee.




This Ovation 28 has a 4.1-star review at Amazon. 5-star reviews equal 63% while the other four categories come in around 10 %

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