Disinfecting A Chicken Coop

Mites, lice, coccidiosis, Marek’s disease, fungi, mold, bacteria, and on and on, ad infinitum… What do you do about all of these problems? I prioritize creating a safe and hygienic environment for my flock. A clean chicken coop isn’t just about aesthetics; it’s critical for the health of my chickens. Diseases can spread rapidly through … Read more

The Chicken Health Handbook Review

  The Chicken Health Handbook Gail Damerow’s “The Chicken Health Handbook” is not just a book; it’s a health bible for any chicken owner, regardless of their experience level. From novice to seasoned chicken wrangler, this comprehensive guide provides the knowledge and tools needed to keep your flock healthy and thriving. An Easy-to-Use Text Damerow’s … Read more

Championing Your Chicken’s Health: A Comprehensive Guide to Eradicating Ammonia from Your Chicken Coop

You step into your chicken coop, a place you’ve lovingly put together for your little egg-layers. Instead of the cozy home you envision, a pungent odor assaults your senses, and you notice your chickens’ once cheery eyes now teary and their breathing labored. This is the unwelcome reality of ammonia, an unseen, unheard menace lurking … Read more

7 Essentials for Your Chicken First Aid Kit: Keep Your Chickens Healthy and Happy

The Sky is Falling! Imagine the panic that would grip you if you came home to find your beloved chicken lying injured or ill. The helplessness you’d feel, the fear for their well-being, the frantic rush to seek help. This is a situation no chicken owner wants to experience. Fortunately, there’s a way to be … Read more

Chicken Vent Gleet

What is Chicken Vent Gleet? Chicken Vent Gleet is a potentially chronic chicken vent inflammation usually accompanied by an abnormal discharge. It is also called cloacitis because it occurs in the cloaca and subsequently the vent. The cloaca is a common cavity at the end of the digestive tract for the release of both excretory … Read more

Keeping Chickens Safe From Poisons

Understanding the Dangers: Poison Threats to Your Chickens Chickens, curious and industrious as they are, have a knack for pecking around in places they shouldn’t. Keeping chickens safe from poisons is a must, but unfortunately, sometimes, they come into contact with substances that can be harmful or even deadly. From the chemicals we use to … Read more

Understanding Biofilms in Chicken Waterers: The Basics

Hello again, friendly chicken keepers. If you have ever forgotten to clean the water container for your chickens, you probably noticed that slimy layer forming inside your chicken’s waterer and wondered what in the world is going on. Well, that’s what is called a biofilm, and it’s something you should definitely know about. Today, we … Read more

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