Incubator Warehouse Insta Brooder™ with Vrooder™ Heater Plate

When you think of a brooder, typically, a box with metal screening, a window, and a bright heat lamp comes to mind. That is not the case with the Incubator Warehouse Insta Brooder™ with Vrooder™ Heater Plate. This brooder is lightweight, made of cloth, and has a low-wattage horizontal heat pad that baby chicks can snuggle under without getting burned.

Incubator Warehouse Insta Brooder™ with Vrooder™ Heater Plate

Sold By: Amazon

Price: $109.99

Owners: Incubator Warehouse

Warranty: 1-2 Years

Features of This Brooder-Heater Combo

  • Lightweight – Easy to set up and move
  • Removable mesh top – keeps birds in the pen
  • Velcro power port – for easy pass-through of the power cord
  • 2 Disposable Brooder Liners – Easy cleanup
  • The Vrooder heater plate – Viewport allows chick viewing
  • Safe and Energy efficient – 110V AC, 40 Watts

The Ups and Downs of this Brooder-Heater Combo

The features of this brooder pretty much sum up the upside of this combo. Unfortunately, one of those same features can also be a bit of a problem as well. Since the pen is so light, it can also be somewhat fragile. If your rottweiler is given to destruction, this pen won’t take it. The metal rods used in some frameworks must be handled carefully to keep them from bending.

The brooder is rugged enough to handle all the chicks can dish out on their way to the pullet-hood. It has the same durability that one would expect from a medium-grade camping tent.

The Price is Right

This all-in-one combo is a good value as brooders go because you won’t have to shop for separate items and pay two shipping costs. If you like it, you can buy it here. I am happy to help with research on various products. This is what I have found. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

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My Conclusion

For ease and convenience of setup, the ability to keep chicks in one place while they get ready for the coop, and a reasonable price tag, I give this one at least a seven out of ten. Amazon shoppers gave it four and a half stars, so they thought more highly of it than I do.

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