The Producer’s Pride Prairie Chicken Coop Review

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Price: $549.99

The Producer’s Pride Prairie Chicken Coop, designed to house 6 to 8 chickens comfortably, is a product available through Tractor Supply Co. for $549.99. This coop is aimed at backyard hobbyists seeking a durable and secure habitat for their flock.

This review will look into the features, pros and cons, and customer feedback to provide a comprehensive overview of the product.

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  • Capacity: Designed to fit 6 to 8 chickens comfortably, making it suitable for small-sized flocks.
  • Construction: Features reinforced thick wood panels intended to enhance durability.
  • Security: Equipped with predator-resistant door latches to ensure the safety of the chickens from common predators.
  • Space: An extended roosting bar offers more space for chickens to roost comfortably.
  • Dimensions: The coop has a length of 115 inches, a width of 53.1 inches, and a height of 55.9 inches, with a foraging or run area length of 59 inches and a width of 42.5 inches.


  • Spacious Design: The extended roosting bar and dimensions provide ample space for chickens to live and move around comfortably, which benefits their health and well-being.
  • Predator-Resistant Features: Including predator-resistant door latches adds an extra layer of security, giving owners peace of mind regarding the safety of their flock.
  • Durability: The reinforced thick wood panels suggest a design that can withstand various weather conditions, contributing to the longevity of the coop.


  • Price: At $549.99, the price point may be high for some backyard chicken enthusiasts, especially those new to the hobby or operating on a tight budget.
  • Assembly: While the product offers an assembly service, the complexity and potential time investment in assembling the coop might be a drawback for some users.
  • Customer Reviews: With an average rating of 3.6 out of 167 reviews, there appears to be a mix of customer satisfaction and dissatisfaction. This variance suggests that while many find the coop meets their needs, there are notable concerns or issues for others.

Customer Feedback

Positive reviews often highlight the coop’s spaciousness and security features as major benefits.

Customers appreciate the room available for their chickens to roost and the added protection against predators. However, negative reviews point to issues with durability over time and challenges with assembly.

Some users have reported that despite the reinforced wood panels, the coop may not hold up well under severe weather conditions or after prolonged use. A durable plastic alternative is the Snap Lock Large Chicken Coop by Formex.


The Producer’s Pride Prairie Chicken Coop offers a range of features designed to provide a comfortable and secure environment for backyard chickens. Its capacity, security measures, and space are significant advantages for potential buyers.

However, the price and mixed customer reviews highlight the importance of weighing these factors against individual needs and experiences.

This product could be a worthwhile consideration for those willing to invest in a higher-priced coop with the expectation of enhanced security and space for their chickens.

Yet, prospective buyers should also consider the potential for assembly challenges and durability concerns, as noted in some customer feedback.

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